There are three ways in which you can boost the performance of the CPU.

  • Add more cores
  • Increase clock cycle
  • Increase the size of cache

How can adding more cores boost CPU performance?

Adding more CPUs allows for parallelism to be taken advantage of.

This means tasks can be split so that there is less workload on each core meaning tasks will finish faster.

All cores can work independently on their own task


All cores can work on one task together

However, this is limited as some software may not be optimied to take advantage of extra cores.

How can increasing the clock cycle boost CPU performance?

Clock cycles are measured in hertz

Increasing the clock cycle mean more instructions can be processed

However this is limited as increasing the clock cycle could lead to overheating.

How can increasing the size of cache boost CPU performance?

A cache can be included in the CPU

The cache will hold the most used instructions/data

Fetching from cache is much quicker than fetching from memory

However this is limited as cache can be very expensive

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