After having decided what the project will be the programmer will need to decide which one of the methodologies he will use:

  • Waterfall life cycle
  • Spiral Model
  • Rapid Application Developmet
  • Agile Software Development

What is Waterfall life cycle?

The waterfall life cycle is a sequence of stages where each stage is only started when the previous one is complete.

The stages are as follows

  • Determine requirements – The functions of the program is gathered and listed
  • Analysis –
  • Design – The code and interface is drawn out
  • Coding – The code is written out
  • Testing – The code is tested against the
  • Maintenance – The code is updated for bugs

It is possible to go back a stage if necessary

What is Spiral Model?

The spiral model repeatedly goes through these four stages until the program is complete:

  • Determine objectives – How will the programmer achieve the objectives in that rotation
  • Identify and resolve risks – Any issues that may occur in the rotation are resolved
  • Development and testing – The feature is coded and tested
  • Next iteration – This iteration is reviewed and the next is planned

What is rapid application development?

Rapid Application means to create a prototype and continue build on the prototype. It follows the following steps:

  • User is shown prototype and gives feedback
  • The feedback is used to inform how the prototype is further developed
  • This continues until the prototype becomes the final product

What is Agile Software Development?

Agile is not a single methodology but a group of methodologies

Agile is used when requirements are constantly changing

Example of Agile methodology:

Extreme programming which is an iterative method

Each iteration will produce code good enough to be in the final product

XP uses pair programming where one writes code and the other analyses the code

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