After we create a program we would like to send and receive data within the program.

To do this we can use networks.

Before setting up a network we need to decide the topology of the network

What is a topology?

Topology refers to the layout of a network and how the nodes are connected.

Here are some common typologies

  • BUS
  • RING
  • STAR

What is a Bus topology?

Each node is connected to a common backbone

It is cheap to implement but if there is a problem with the backbone the whole network fails

What is a Ring topology?

Each node is attached to a circular backbone

Data frames are sent in one direction

They pass each node and are collected by which ever node is specified by the address data in the frame

What is a Star topology?

Each node has a separate connection to a switch

Cable failures do not affect the whole network

Different networks cover different extents

There are two main classifications of network extents

  • LAN
  • WAN

What is a LAN?

Local Area Networks are networks confined to one location

What is a WAN?

Wide Area Network are networks that cover a large geographical area

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