Students often find it difficult to revise the same topics over and over again. One of the methods I believe will help to overcome this is to create something with the information that you know.

Advantage and Disadvantage list

Some of the questions will ask you to evaluate an idea or topic. To tackle this:

  1. Pick a topic
  2. Create two lists; one list will be titled Advantages the other is titled Disadvantages
  3. List all the advantages
  4. Develop all of the advantages that you have listed
  5. Highlight you best four points
  6. Do the same for the disadvantage list

This method is really quick and easy to do


Some questions will test you on facts. To help you tackle this try using flash cards

  1. On one side of a flash card write a question
  2. On the other side write the answer
  3. Do this for all questions that you have encountered or that you can make up. Furthermore, this can be done writing the answer first then the question


Although exams do not ask you to draw pictures. Pictures are a great way of presenting a large amount of information.

Choose a topic and draw a image. The image should have no words

Audio tapes

Information that is factual/statistic based such as population can be memorised by repeatedly listening to it. To do this speak into a recorder the statistic you would like to memorise


Mindmaps help with questions that ask you to explain your point.

  • Write a question in the middle bubble
  • On the branches write any points that can be made
  • Create a further branch when expanding your point


Present a topic to another person by preparing a presentation.


Using media software, create a video both with pictures and audio so that it explains a topic to someone who has not done it before.


Create a web page with all the information you have learnt on a subject similar to Wikipedia.


Events can best be remembered as a story

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